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Dealfind for Business

How to Prepare

5. What You Need to Know

Customers should tip from the original amount of the products and/or services provided. Display the pre-discounted amount on their bill to help make this clear to them.

When your deal is featured things will get busy. Very busy. But that's no cause to panic: just relax, breathe, and make sure to give your customers an unforgettably amazing experience so they'll keep coming back over and over again.

When it comes to calculating the tax on redeemed vouchers, it really depends on whether or not your deal includes food and beverages.

  • For restaurants, the sales tax is calculated on the amount of the final bill (Example: If a deal is $20 for $60 worth of food and a customer's bill comes up to $76.50, the tax on the meal would be calculated on the $76.50, excluding the Liquor Tax).
  • For all other merchants, the tax is calculated on the cost of the voucher (Example. $35 for a Relaxation Massage, the tax would be calculated on the $35 paid for the voucher).

In all the hustle and bustle for your big Dealfind debut it’s likely there are going to be a few questions that need answering and a few details that need clarifying. This is why it is absolutely essential that your sales representative, customer satisfaction experts and customers can easily reach you and your business. Keep your cell phone on you at all times, and participate on the discussion boards ready and willing to help your business make as much money as possible.

  • Customers with unanswered questions are 10 times less likely to purchase vouchers
  • Keeping a direct and open line of communication with Dealfind is a must to ensure your success
  • And it only makes good business sense to be on top of everything that’s going on while your deal is running

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