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Dealfind for Business

How to Prepare

3. Redeeming a Dealfind Voucher

Sorting out all the vouchers you'll receive from all your new customers is an easy and straightforward process with Dealfind. How easy? Just take a look below and you'll see how you can keep track of who's been spending their money on your business.

Download Your List and get Organized

  • Once your featured deal 'goes live' an automatic email gets sent to your inbox (at about 5:30 a.m.) containing all the information you need to keep track of your vouchers. It also informs you of when you'll be receiving your cheques, too!
  • Download the attached PDF of your list(s) and cross-check the printed voucher numbers against your customer list.
  • Be sure to check off each voucher once it's redeemed to keep things in order.

It's as simple as that!

  1. Collect the printed vouchers from the customers.
  2. Cross your customer's voucher number off the printed PDF list then deduct the Dealfind face value from the customer's total bill and collect the difference.
  3. Store the printed vouchers away for future reference.

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