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Dealfind for Business

How to Prepare

4. On Your Big Day

Don't forget, ensuring that your customers have an amazing time is paramount if you want to gain their repeat business. Positive word of mouth is a business owners best friend, and in order to reap the benefits it's important to communicate effectively with your staff and to ensure they're all fully prepared. Just take a look here at our "What to Expect" video for an in depth look at how to get the most from your Dealfind experience!

Dealfind's Customer Satisfaction Experts answer customers' questions on the day of your feature, but it is always great for potential clients to be able to reach the merchant directly. Responding to their inquiries as thoroughly as possible will only help to increase sales and make your new customers feel more secure about their purchases. It's all part of keeping the customer happy—and a happy customer, is a returning customer.

  • Your phones will be ringing non-stop.
  • You will be online all day helping to answer questions and clarifying details of your products and services.
  • You will have more traffic at your establishment and on your website.

Your vouchers will not be valid for use until the day after your deal has run, however, you may get some customers that are so excited to start saving, they come in the same day expecting to redeem their vouchers. It is completely your decision to honour them or not.

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