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Gary Lipovetsky's crash course in 'Net commerce He once made 100 cold calls before closing his first saleā€”for $59. Today, his company has 324 employees and is growing quickly in Canada and the United States. Gary Lipovetsky, with no formal business education, learned how to be an entrepreneur on the job. And he discovered that, as a friend and mentor had told him, business is common sense.

Gary Lipovetsky on CBC's The Lang & O'Leary Exchange! President and Co-founder of Dealfind.com Gary Lipovetsky recently appeared on CBC TV where he discussed the relative merits of his website on the The Lang & O'Leary Exchange. Offering daily deals in over 70 cities including more than 40 in the United States, Dealfind currently employs over 270 people and has experienced immense growth since its inception 16 months ago. Touching on a wide range of topics from Dealfind's ambassador program, to its current investing strategies, to what separates it from other group buying sites, Gary explained how Dealfind acts as a unique and effective advertising mechanism for merchants.
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Jameson Berkow from
Financial Post
TORONTO . Amidst a drought-stricken Canadian venture capital industry, Dealfind Inc. just hit liquid. The Toronto-based groupbuying website announced Monday $31-million in new funding from three venture capital firms, two of them Canadian. Georgian Partners and the Ontario Venture Capital Fund, both based in Toronto, and New York-based Insight Venture Partners are contributing funds in exchange for minority interests in Dealfind.

Gary Lipovetsky Discusses
US Market Potential
"The U.S. population is 10 times that of Canada. If spending were to go down by 50%, you'd still be looking at five times the population of Canada. From a volume perspective, you can't ignore that. A very large percentage of our business is based in the U.S., in both the B2B and consumer markets. Today, we're seeing a lot of consumer spending in health and beauty, hospitality, home products and services, travel. But you have to be well versed in the U.S. culture to be really able to sell there."

Andrew Bell from BNN
Interviews Gary Lipovetsky
"We have a lot of experience in connecting local merchants with their target consumers (from MenuPalace.com, which was the launching platform for Dealfind), and we're very lucky to work with the 130 people we have on staff. It's because of our vast experience in the online space, too, that we are able to procure consumers who are the exact target audience."
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Preet Banerjee from
The Globe and Mail
"DealFind offers a clean and uncluttered website. It hits you with all the pertinent information for the current deal with big, bold fonts, and navigation is a cinch."

Marc Saltzman from
"The Internet can be a great place to get deals on products, whether you buy it online (and conveniently compare prices between multiple stores) or simply to research which brick-and-morter retailer has the best price on something you want. But social networking -- the power of connected friends -- adds a new layer to discovering bargains. A handful of new sites let you tap into your network to save cash on products and services -- but one site (Dealfind.com) will even cut you a cheque for taking part in the process."

Amber MacArthur from
MSN Tech & Gadgets
"A 60-minute Swedish massage, full facial, deluxe pedicure, and take-home products from a posh Yorkville spa in Toronto. Sounds like a dream afternoon, but won't these services put a dent in your wallet? Well, if you recently subscribed to DealFind you had a chance to get all this pampering for just $80. That's almost 70 percent off the regular price of $255. Within 24 hours this special Thanksgiving weekend deal had almost 400 buyers, an unbelievable deal with no expiration date. To get access to this special and other daily discounts, all you have to do is sign up for DealFind's newsletter in your hometown. As the website says, their users have already saved a total of more than $8,880.158."

Karim Kanji from
Tech Vibes
"Yesterday, North American restaurant and hospitality guide, MenuPalace.com launched Dealfind (www.dealfind.com). The main difference between DealFind and everyone else? Their unique ambassador program. It starts to work when users refer friends, colleagues and family members to purchase a deal. Through this program, Dealfind encourages users to share the deal with others via Facebook and Twitter. Whenever a purchase results from a referral, Dealfind will pay the ambassador a generous commission. I guess the next logical question should be, who likes to make money?"


Jeff Hopper from CTV
Interviews Gary Lipovetsky
Gary Lipovetsky, co-founder and president of Dealfind.com recently met up with CTV host Jeff Hopper, where he explained the merits of his successful company, Dealfind.com. Demonstrating what makes Dealfind unique in comparison to other group buying websites, Gary touched on a variety of topics, such as Dealfind's unmatched customer service support, and their unique ambassador program that allows individuals to make money by recommending deals to friends.
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Coupons on Danforth Break Patterns "Lambros Vassiliou has 558 customers in-waiting for his 75-seat Greek restaurant on the Danforth. It might seem like a dream come true for a small-business owner, but Vassiliou knows the guaranteed clientelle will likely come in at a financial loss. Each has purchased a $50 voucher for just $24 on the group buying website, dealfind.com."

DQ Ice-cream and Daily Deal Site Consolidation "A quick email chat with Gary Lipovetsky, president of DealFind, which has had a few notable successes lately. A $36 Afternoon Tea for two deal (pastries, sandwiches, scones) at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver sold an extraodinary 10,961 vouchers. A recent Vancouver Dairy Queen deal, DealFind's second biggest deal, sold 2937 vouchers for $2.50 medium Blizzards, a 52 per cent savings off the $5.25 retail price."

Gary Lipovetsky, Special
to Globe and Mail Update
"Looking for ways to increase awareness for your small business but don't want to blow your budget right out of the gate? Gary Lipovetsky, president of online group-purchasing site Dealfind offers entrepreneurs these solid tips for maximum exposure on minimum investment."

Ty McMahan From
"Canadian daily-deal site Dealfind.com Inc. has raised a first funding round at a valuation north of $100 million as it looks to expand to more than 100 cities and keep pace with its well-financed competitors to the south...."

Alana Elmer from
Daytime Toronto
"Later today we're helping you find a deal with founders of Dealfind.com, so that will be good! That's actually a really cool little system. You can go on and they have special 24 hour deals but it can be anything. It can be spa packages, an event, an item, but it's only 24 hours so you have to get in there!"

Lindsay Forsey from
"In May 2010, the management team launched DealFind.com, a website promoting one discount daily, available for a limited time (usually 24 hours on weekdays, plus a weekend-long deal). The website features at least two restaurants per week - offering, for example, $50 worth of food for $25 - and participants have the option of investing voucher sales revenues back into a MenuPalace.com campaign. "It's not free marketing, but it is essentially marketing for the cost of food," says Lipovetsky. "DealFind brings customers in at a discount but is aimed at bringing them back at full price once they experience the food and the service." With the integration of DealFind.com the company's revenue growth is projected to exceed 500 per cent this year. MenuPalace.com's clients and their patrons are cottoning on to the deal-a-day site. "I saw a story on CNN about how this type of website is one of the fastest-growing businesses. I learned that MenuPalace.com was doing it, and I really respect how ahead of the game they are," says Steve Mills, marketing manager for Brix Napa Valley Grille and Wine Bar in Thornhill, Ont., and Nava Restaurant and Bar in Richmond Hill, Ont. Between the two restaurants, the DealFind.com campaign sold nearly 800 vouchers, and 99 per cent of the customers who have redeemed them spent more than the value of the coupon. Mills looks forward to running another DealFind.com campaign in the future. "Online advertising is the way to go," he says. "The first thing people do these days when they want to find out about anything is check it out on the Internet." Millions of people surf the web every day, and MenuPalace.com certainly uses that fact to its advantage. Soon it will be adding another function, this time benefiting various charities across Canada. When people purchase a DealFind.com coupon, they'll have an option to donate any amount they like to the charity of their choice. "We're selling about 1,000 vouchers daily right now. If each person donates even $1, it will translate into huge donations over time," says Lipovetsky. MenuPalace.com also sponsors numerous events, teams and charities. "We're involved in the community through golf tournaments and fundraisers. It's a lot of fun for us," Tulman adds."

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